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A look back at Branford's past as it happened more than 100 years ago, from the pages of the Branford Gleaner, Branford News, and Branford Opinion and Guilford Echo.

The Publishers

The Branford Gleaner.
(1878-1880)Branford Gleaner Co.
The Branford News.
(1878) Charles A. Crouch, Editor.
Philo Hall, Publisher
The Branford Opinion.
(1896-Nov. 1902) Frederic A. Finch, Editor and Publisher
(Nov. 1902-Nov. 1903) William Sheffield, Editor and Publisher (Nov. 1903-1911) Elias P. Bates, Editor and Proprietor
(Dec. 1911-1913) F.J. Windisch, Editor and Proprietor
E. P. Bates, Associate Editor




A population of 6,047 (census of 1910)
Ample Railroad facilities
Trust Company and Savings Bank
The Blackstone Public Library
Twenty-minute trolley service to and from
   New Haven
Forty-minute trolley service to and from Guilford, Saybrook and other places on the
   east shore
Up-to-date High School and first-class
   school system
Five Churches in the borough
First Class Hotel
Fire Department, including a chemical
Twelve miles of State Roads
Electric lighting, gas and water systems
Progressive Business Men's Association
Malieable Iron Fittings, Wire Mill, Steel
   and Brass Foundries and Galvanizing Plant
Fraternal and Benefit organizations
Up-to-date Stores
Healthy climate at all seasons


One Year, $1.00     Six Months, 50c


Telephone 10-6, Branford.



Letters on matters of general interest to our readers are solicited, but no attention will be paid to anonymous ones.

Subscribers are requested to notify the Publisher promptly of any failure to receive papers regularly, change of address, etc.


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